Bride & Groom On Wedding Dance Floor

Why You Should Be On Your Wedding Dance Floor

Why Bride & Groom Should Be On the Dance Floor

We’ve seen it time and time again, when a couple is on the dance floor at their wedding, it will take the energy from a 6 to a 10.

  • Your wedding is essentially the celebration of your togetherness with the love of your life. Holding it down on the dance floor with your partner is emphasizing the commitment you’ve made. Even if you’re dancing with two left feet, showcasing your solidarity with your boo-thang radiates positive energy around the room.
    • We’ve worked a number of weddings where one of the two getting married loves dancing and the other wants to steer clear, but it’s when the two come together on the floor that the magic happens.
  • It’s common for the bride’s friends and family to hang out with her on the dance floor, same applies to the groom. But it’s when the couple comes together on the dance floor, and both groups of friends and family join them that the energy jumps to the next level. You are essentially combining both halves of the party to create a giant exciting one.
  • This brings up the point about psychology and the herd mentality of dance floors at weddings. 
    • When people are in the minority they may start to feel uncomfortable. This could apply to the first few on the floor, but what we’re going for here is the select few still sitting down when the mass of people is out on the floor. 
  • Building a dance floor is like toppling a row of dominoes, and there’s no better way for that momentum to build than to have the newlyweds on the floor together.
  • Photo and video memories – when you look back on this night, we promise you will want to see photos of you and your new husband or wife celebrating not only with all of your friends and family, but also enjoying in the moment together. 
    • It’s important to live in the moment and not make everything about the perfect photo, but having that to look back on once everything has all wrapped up will make for great memories.

Dancing might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but leading your guests to the floor can make all the difference.

Being on the dance floor together sets the tone and pace for the evening, it creates a positive and celebratory atmosphere, and encourages your loved ones to join you. Lead the charge and set the pace for one of the best celebrations of your life!


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