Give your soundtrack a jumpstart


Trying to find hours of music for your big day can make planning a daunting task.

Here are a few thoughtfully made playlists our DJs have put together that can help make your music search a bit easier.

From cocktail hours to sentimental dances, our playlists ensure a memorable musical experience and can save you the stress of planning.

Crafting the perfect musical soundtrack for your event doesn't have to be overwhelming. Show Me Sound presents a collection of curated music playlists designed to inspire your music choices and add vibrancy to your St. Louis occasion.

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Cocktail Hour

Here are 100+ songs to jumpstart the planning for your Cocktail Hour playlist. These are the perfect prelude before dinner and the dance floor, and will be appropriate for all ages in attendance.

Romantic and charming, this set of cocktail hour classics are sure to give you and your guests a relaxing little break before the dance floor.

Wedding Dinner Songs

Immerse your guests in a delightful musical atmosphere during the dinner hour with our carefully selected wedding dinner playlist.

Here are many regular songs our DJs play regularly while guests are seated and enjoying their meals.

Dinner songs often are more relaxing and easy to talk over as your guests converse over a meal celebrating you.

Top 40 Father-Daughter Songs

It's time for you and Dad to grace the dance floor! To many this is a very special and important moment.

Here are our top Father-Daughter Dance songs, chosen to enhance this heartwarming moment.

These selections really articulate the sentimental bond between a proud father and their beautiful daughter.

Top 40 Mother-Son Dance Songs

Make the Mother-Son Dance a cherished memory with our top 40 song choices, celebrating this special bond.

Very few moments in life make a mother more proud than feeling excited for whom their son is marrying, and these songs are sure to bring tears to all your guests.

Not sure what the best song choice is? Share this playlist with Mom!

First Dance Songs

Ready for your big dance moment as a couple?

While uniqueness is encouraged for your First Dance, explore our list of popular first dance songs that will highlight the romance and love in your relationship.

We understand selecting something special for the two of you can be difficult, but here are some songs we hear more frequently that might help to spark your own ideas.

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