Visually enhance your venue's aesthetic

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Simple, Elegant Lighting

Add beautiful, simple pops of color around your venue with our intelligent or static uplighting!

Uplighting is easy to move and place anywhere you choose. They are wireless, battery powered, and light weight, and will not be a tripping hazard for your guests.

Small and portable, these lights can be placed on the floor, or even on stairs or ledges, with your venue's approval to create the perfect atmosphere.

Colors & Brightness

Color choices are endless, let our lightscaping professionals know your preferences, and we can handle the rest. We are also happy to offer up reccomendations if you'd like a little input.

Whether you have light pink accents in your wedding color pallet, or if you would just like a subtle white, our uplighting can be adjusted to match any setting.

Lighting is angled and adjacent to walls or structure around the room, so none of your guests will be blinded while passing the lights.

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How many uplights will I need?

Depending on the size of your venue, and how much additional lighting you already have around your venue, your uplighting needs may vary.

Our uplights can be added by each individual light, but we typically recommend using 6-12 uplights minimum for the venues we work with most frequently!

Not sure how many you'd like at your wedding? Send us an inquiry and your venue and we can give you our recommendation specific to your location!

Thinking about incorporating uplighting?

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