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Wedding Party Introductions

Wedding Party Introductions

One of the milestone moments of every wedding is the grand introduction when you and your wedding party enters the reception for the first time. There are a few things to consider when creating your perfect entrance:

  • The Order of the Bridal Party
    • Usually the opposite order of the ceremony progression
    • Saving the Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor for last right before the newlyweds
    • Lining up the party a few minutes prior to the big show ensures a smooth entrance
  • Name Pronunciation
    • Lining up early also provides a chance for proper pronunciation of everyones name
  • Special Instructions
    • One song for the whole party or different songs per couple?
    • Dance routines? Skits? Anything out of the ordinary?
    • It’s vital to get the timing down beforehand so everything goes as planned
  • Music
    • An uplifting song is a must for the introduction so you can amplify the excitement of the moment
  • Finally, What Happens When You Enter the Room?
    • Heading straight to the cake?
    • Starting your first dance?
    • Getting seated for dinner and inviting a parent to give the welcome speech?
    • These are all important decisions that need to be clarified ahead of time for a smooth entrance

This is one of the first milestone moments for the wedding reception, how this is coordinated sets the tone for the rest of the celebration so making sure this is organized and exciting will ensure everything to follow is off to a great start.


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