Important Wedding Music Considerations

Important Wedding Music Considerations

Important Wedding Music Considerations

What will the soundtrack of your big day be?

Deciding what music you want to hear on your wedding day can be a large process. Here are a few things to not overlook on planning music for your wedding!

“The Profanity Filter”

Make sure you discuss with your DJ what you and all of your guests are comfortable with hearing at your wedding lyric wise. Most DJs will default to clean versions of the music if it’s left for them to decide since it’s better to be safe than sorry.

As an example, let’s reference the song “Get Low” by Little Jon & The East Side Boyz. 

We’ve seen some wedding dance floors get hype to this song, but if the idea of it coming through your speakers to all of your guests makes you uncomfortable, you need to have that discussion with your DJ in advance. 

If you’re undecided, you can always keep your music clean most of the evening and leave the last hour to let loose on the lyrics! Most guests with children and older guests will have left by then.

Ultimately music with profanity is up to you, but make sure that it is discussed prior to the wedding so nothing is left to be assumed.

Song Length

The next point to consider for your big day is how long you want each song played out.

Do you prefer to listen to your songs that you’ve requested from start to finish, or would you rather have a DJ that’s going to mix a little bit quicker through your songs. A good DJ will know how to mix your songs together and how to get to the better parts of the music faster.

Majority of the time, your DJ is expected to mix through your music but there might be some instances where you want to hear the music from start to finish. If that is the case, make it known how long you want each song played. 

Speaking of song duration…Let’s also not forget about your first dances!

Do you want these songs played in their entirety or do you want your DJ to fade out the songs at a particular time?

Definitely talk this over with your DJ. The last thing you want when everyone’s eyeballs are on you is to be caught off guard with a decision that your DJ makes impromptu or if the moment is cut short by the music ending.

One word of caution, however, if you do plan on cutting these songs short make sure you’re keeping in mind that the longer the song plays the more opportunity your photographer or videographer has to capture that perfect shot.

Song Version

Finally, make sure you talk with your DJ on which versions of your songs you would like played. There are definitely plenty of artists that have acoustic versions of their music or that have particular remixes that would fit your vibe.

If you want a particular version of your song that might be obscure or less known, this is where using a streaming service like Spotify to share your music with your DJ can get rid of any uncertainty. 

Leave zero room for misunderstandings to make sure that you hear the exact version of the music that you want for your special moments!

Create the Big Day You Want!

There are plenty of things to consider when you’re planning for your big day. While music is just one small part of everything, it can create a beautiful and fun atmosphere for you and your guests!

Hopefully by highlighting these important music considerations it makes your planning process a little bit easier! Have questions? Contact us here!

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