Wedding Dance Floor Lighting Dos & Don'ts

Wedding Dance Floor Lighting Dos & Don’ts

Wedding Dance Floor Dos & Don’ts


  • Consider the Venue
    • Place the booth near the dance floor so lights reach it properly
    • If your booth is on a stage, plan lights accordingly
  • Test the Lighting Set Up
    • Make sure all cables are connected and modes are set properly
    • Align the moving heads to their desired locations
      • Typically Dance Floor Left/Right, Stage Center, and Dance Floor Center
    • Test with a simple run through of all the functions
  • Prioritize Safety
    • A clean set up not only looks nice for your guests, but ensures the safety of any guest trying to make a request
    • Allow enough room for dancing, crowding the DJ is dangerous with all of the surrounding equipment
  • Use Variability
    • Make sure all of the colors, patterns and intensities available match the mood of the music
      • i.e. no flashing strobes during a slow song
    • Dynamic lighting is most effective when used in coordination with the music being played


  • Overlook the Transition
    • Adjust gradually from dinner to dancing
    • Dance floor lighting should start only when the dance floor is officially open for guests
    • Designate someone to dim the house lights when the dancefloor opens lighting comes on
  • Ignore Timing
    • Make sure your lighting tech is coordinating lighting changes with the music and the flow of the night
      • Abrupt or untimely changes can disrupt the vibe you are trying to achieve
  • Use Flashing Lights Excessively
    • Start the dance floor at a relatively slower pace, hold off on using the strobe effect or something similar until the energy picks up
      • Save the most exciting lights for the most exciting moments

We know you aren’t directly in control of your lighting at your wedding, but hopefully these tips give you an idea of what to expect from your lighting tech!


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