Importance of Having Multiple Music Playback Devices

Importance of Having Multiple Music Playback Devices

What We Use & Why

  • Every Show Me Sound DJ uses their own DJ mixer (think turntables) plus a Yamaha Mixer for:
    • Additional mixers/controllers
    • Wireless microphones
    • Secondary music devices
  • The benefit of the Yamaha mixer is that even if the DJ mixer goes down, there’s a backup plan to make sure music still plays through a:
    • Additional laptop
    • iPad connected to Spotify
    • Old iPod sitting in the drawer just in case

How We Prepare

  • These secondary devices are ready in advance with songs for special moments like:
    • Reception intro
    • First dance songs
    • Mother/Son and Father/Daughter dances
  • Connect secondary devices to venue WiFi for an additional level of music playing security
  • Play special moment songs simultaneously on both devices in case the primary device runs into any sort of problem, that way there’s no pause in the music and we simply switch over to the secondary device
  • Ensure music coverage in multiple areas when necessary for dinner or cocktail hour
  • Or course, accidents happen, and having backup devices ensures the party doesn’t have to end because of a spilled drink on the DJ setup or anything of that nature

Having a backup is so valuable, but even more valuable on one of the most important days of your life. Prepare for the worst-case scenario, and hope it never comes, but for your peace of mind, hire a DJ who has a backup plan!


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