Importance of Fill Speakers

Fill Speakers Make a Huge Difference

The typical mobile DJ has two speakers to the left and right of wherever they’re set up, but in most larger rooms with over 100 guests, this isn’t going to cut it

  • Sound travels outward from the speakers, so in order to reach the guests’ tables in the back of the room, your DJ can either:
    • Turn their speakers up and blast the guests closest to the DJ booth, or
    • Sacrifice your guest’s ability to hear the further they are from the set up

This is where “Fill Speakers” come in – an extra set of speakers placed in more distant areas throughout the room that help with:

  • Evening sound distribution
  • Not blasting people close to the DJ set up
  • Easing the focus of people farther away

No Wires, No Problem

  • Available with wireless transmission from the main source of sound
  • Battery powered speakers for virtually endless placement options


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