Self-Serve Photo Booth

How To Use Our Self-Serve Photo Booth

Using Our Self-Serve Photo Booth

Step-By-Step Guide on How To Use Our Photo Booth

  1. First, as it says on the screen, just “tap to start”
  2. Next, decide if you’d like to take a photo, GIF, Boomerang, or Video
  3. There are multiple ways to customize your photo, beginning with a customizable overlay
    • A free, custom overlay, designed by our creative team is included in all of our Photo Booth packages
    • Additional overlays can be added for $50 each
  4. If you don’t want an overlay, simple click “Next” in the top right corner of the screen
  5. After that, there are 7 filter options available, including:
    • Original
    • Noir
    • Transfer
    • Process
    • Mono
    • Instant
    • Fade
  6. Go ahead and click “Next” in the top right corner again and get ready for lights, camera, action!
  7. The countdown begins, say cheese, and the LED will flash to capture the perfect picture
  8. If you don’t like the picture, simply hit “Delete” in the top left corner and follow the previous steps
  9. If you’re satisfied with your picture, you can access in a handful of ways, including:
    • E-Mail
    • Text
    • AirDrop
    • QR Code
      • It can take up to 24 hours to receive the text, but in our experience, most pictures are sent instantaneously
  10. Finally, click “Done” in the top right corner, and it’ll take you back to the initial touch screen to capture more memorable moments or head back to the dance floor!


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