How to reset the dance floor

How to Reset the Dance Floor

Resetting the Dance Floor

Why It’s Important to “Reset” The Dance Floor

  • Mixing music in the same tempo and genre can make it all sound very similar to the untrained ear
    • When looking at the top music charts, it’s never the same genre/tempo/etc., meaning guests will want to hear some variety
  • The build up and anticipation of what’s going to happen with the music makes the climactic points more impactful
    • If you’ve ever been on a dance floor and felt like the DJ nailed the mixing and timing of everything perfectly, it’s likely that they were building to that point a few songs earlier in their pacing
  • Once the energy starts to plateau (whether from repetitive song selection, or simply too much high energy dancing), it’s a good time to switch gears to another tempo or genre, and the building process can start over again
    • This brings up “slow songs” and the power they have in a dance set
  • It seems more common in the past couple of years for couples to request “no slow songs”, but as a counterpoint to this, it’s likely some guests will ONLY dance to slow songs
    • This also provides a perfect opportunity for your DJ to reset the pace and build up climactic points all over again
  • Your music should have interesting ebbs and flows throughout the night
    • This will keep your guests interested and engaged all evening long, making for an active dance floor and ultimately, a memorable celebration


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