Do You Have Your Wedding Day Point of Contact?

Thinking about skipping out on a Wedding Planner?

Hiring a wedding planner can be incredibly helpful! That being said, we’ve definitely worked with a number of couples that have opted out of this service. 

If you’re considering doing this for your wedding, then make sure you have identified your day-of Point of Contact.

It’s your Big Day, take it easy!

If you’ve hired a wedding planner and they have a few weddings under their belt, then they’ll most likely cover a lot of the day flow with you already. If not, then you really should consider electing someone to be your point person that is not in your ceremony and not in your wedding party. 

This is your wedding we’re talking about and your primary goal needs to be living in the moment and enjoying the experience.

Choosing your Point of Contact

When considering your Point of Contact, you definitely want to make sure that the person that you pick is someone that is very easily accessible and can make decisions for you on the spot.

This person will most likely be the individual that gives your DJ the cues when your wedding party is ready to walk down the aisle during your ceremony or gives your DJ the cue when everyone’s ready to be introduced into your reception. 

They will need to know things like: Is the kitchen running behind on dinner? Is the wedding party taking longer than predicted to get ready? Is the flower girl having a meltdown?

This person should be the one that communicates these things with your vendors, as well as any other possible timeline changes that could come up. 

Sharing their cell phone number with the vendors can also really help if there’s any questions about parking or how your vendors should be entering the venue. 

The Timeline

Your day-of Point Person also needs to have a good idea of what your timeline looks like for the day.

They need to be able to answer any timeline-related questions that your vendors might have and they also need to be able to figure out how to move things around if anything on the timeline happens to change. 

Overall this person needs to help keep the flow of the evening organized and structured so you can live in the moment, and so you do not have to be the one that answers questions if things do come up. 

The more moving parts or people you have involved in your wedding, the more complex it becomes. Having this person as Point of Contact in person,prepared to answer questions, and able to give directions is going to help out a ton.

All this to say, it’s very possible that your wedding day point person will make it through the entire evening without answering a single question.

The Point Person Role

It’s typically this role is not a difficult one, but when help or timeline clarity is needed it is an important one.

Having a day of Point Person will allow you to experience the special moments of your wedding day without interruption. You’ll be sure to thank your day-of point person when it’s all over.

If you have any wedding-related questions that you would like answered in the future, please contact us!

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