Wedding DJ Contracts

What Your Wedding DJ Needs to Start a Contract

What Your Wedding DJ Needs to Start a Contract

Locking in your Wedding DJ

Let’s break down a few key pieces of information you will want to have squared away before you reach out to your prospective DJ. Especially before signing any contracts!

1. The Date

So this first one might be super obvious, but it’s incredibly important to have your date squared away before you get in touch with your DJ.

Once your DJ knows the date, they can check their calendar to make sure that they do not have any other events booked on that date. Or if you have a specific DJ from the team you are wanting to hire, it’s best to lock them in as soon as possible in case they have other events as prospects.

2. The Location

Where you’re getting married is super important! Not only so the DJ knows where to go on your wedding day, but also so they have an idea of where they will be setting everything up.

For example, if your venue is outdoors your DJ needs to know that so they can bring enough extension cables to get power to their setup. 

It’s also helpful if your DJ has already performed at your venue of choice, as they will already be familiar with the layout of the room and have a good idea of how they should set everything up once they arrive.

3. Travel Fees

It’s important that you discuss with your DJ as to whether or not your venue is in their service area radius, and if it is not if there will be travel fees included in their final price quote. 

4. Hours of Service

Additionally, to give you an accurate quote for their services, most DJs will need to know how many hours of music they will be providing. 

There are a few DJs that do not go by the tried and true price per hour method, but the vast majority do. If you’re looking for an accurate price quote, you’ll need to have an idea of how many hours of music you want provided by your DJ.

If you’re still planning your timeline, it’s a good idea to ask your DJ if they’re okay with you adding a few hours a few months after the contract is signed or if they have a hard cut off date on any adjustments to the contract whatsoever.

5. Equipment

Finally, another factor that may impact your total cost on that contract is the equipment needed for your wedding. Typically the more rooms that need coverage, and the more sound equipment required to get the job done, the higher the final bill.

Talking with your DJ about necessary equipment will be an important part of your overall contract conversation.

Finalizing your Contract

In conclusion, these are a few of the biggest points of information your DJ will need from you to give you an accurate price quote and ultimately sign a contract with you for your big day.

There are a few other things worth considering, but these bits of information will get you closer to identifying and landing the DJ of your choice.

We would love to answer any questions you might have about contracts! Send us a message through our contact page!

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