Weddings with Multiple Rooms

Weddings with Multiple Rooms

Weddings with Multiple Rooms

Let’s consider a few things!

  • Cost Considerations

Let’s cover this right out the gates. Yes, it will almost always be more expensive if you are including more sound. Everyone has a budget they need to follow, just make sure you understand where you’re saving money and how that will impact your day.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Venues

Many venues will have a cocktail hour or ceremony outside, with the reception to follow inside at an inside location. I’ve had some venues in the past recommend pointing speakers outside a door or window, but the way sound travels this is almost always less than ideal. If you have a wedding with multiple locations, find smaller speakers to place near the locations for these moments. Discuss battery-powered options as well, which typically do not require a large setup to get this done.

  • Different Room/Floor/Area

Similar to above, sometimes the cocktail hour or ceremony is in a different room or on a different floor. Make sure the sound covers the area clearly. Even if there’s an opening between the two rooms, sound dissipates the further it moves from the source of the audio. What ends up happening is the people closest to the speaker get blasted with the audio so people in the rear can hear clearly, and even then in some circumstances it may not be loud enough.

  • Wireless Microphones

These rely on line of sight, meaning the receiver needs to be closer to the microphone. If someone is using a mic in a separate room there’s a higher chance of drop-outs – always better to have a sound system in the room or area where a wireless microphone will be used.

  • Fill Speakers for Larger Rooms

If any of your guests are giving toasts throughout the night, I’m sure you’ll want to make sure they are heard clearly. Having additional speakers set throughout the room as “fill” speakers can help this out immensely. Along with proper mic technique, this is another option that will help. Having fill speakers will also help the music sound more full throughout the venue, instead of concentrating directly on the dance floor in front of the DJ booth. Again, fill speakers don’t have to be large, but they do provide balance to the audio in your venue.

  • Moving Equipment (when necessary)

Do NOT move gear, unless it can’t be helped. This is a recipe for disaster because things are typically rushed. There’s minimal to no time to sound check the audio, and there is down-time with NO audio. Yes, this may be an option to save on cost, but it’s at the expense of silence and an increased likelihood of things going wrong at your event. Always better to simply come prepared with the tools needed for the job.

  • Additional Subwoofers

This is a fun one, however, it can depend on various factors which include the music you’d like your DJ to play, the size of your venue, and the number of guests. Increasing the amount of low-end could have a huge impact on the overall sound and feel of your room.


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