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Wedding Party Introduction Success

It’s your wedding, your guests are seated, and they are ready for your grand introduction into the reception. I want this moment to be amazing for you, which is why I put together three tips related to Wedding Party Introductions.

Hey friends it’s Franco here with Show Me Sound bringing you another episode of Wedding Tip Wednesdays, we have officially hit the 10 episode mark, if you’re watching this right now, thank you.

Today we’re talking about a few important things to figure out before you’re all lined up and ready for your introduction into your reception. 

Name Prononciations

We are starting with a very important one, and that is name pronunciations. 

The last thing you want to do is hand your DJ or emcee a list of names, and wish them luck. 

Spend a few minutes on the phone with whoever is doing the introductions, and give them the names, but let them write the names down themselves.

Personally, I know I butcher the spelling of names when I’m taking notes, but the spelling doesn’t matter, what’s important is how I read what I wrote down out loud.

Also, make sure you clarify who your Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor, Best Man, etc. will be so they can be introduced as such.

And please, do not assume your DJ knows how to pronounce your last name, even if it’s a simple one. It’s always better to have your DJ get in wrong on a phone call with you ahead of time, than in front of your entire family.

Another side note, consider how you’d like to be introduced. Will it be Mr and Mrs. Smith, Mr and Mrs James Smith, or Mr and Mrs James and Mary Smith.

Pick The Right Music

On to the music!

There are way too many options to consider when it comes to the song you pick for your introduction, but you can definitely narrow it down by getting some feedback from your wedding party.

Ask them what they’d like to walk in to, toss out the bad one, and flip a coin on your two favorite options. 

If you can’t decide on one all-encompassing song, you can even choose multiple, your wedding party can have their own song.

Just keep it upbeat and fun, this is a moment to get everyone excited, you can absolutely anticipate applause and cheering from your guests.

Have A Game Plan

And finally, before the introductions start, know where you’re going, and how you’re getting there.

Check with your photographer or videographer beforehand to see if there’s a path they want you to follow to get the best angle on their shots for the introduction.

And communicate with your wedding party on how you’re getting to your destination. 

Is it a slow walk to your head table, or does everyone plan on doing some sort of pose or dance on the way there. I’ve seen some hilarious entrances, and this can be a great way to kick off the night, just make sure you have a game plan.

The biggest recurring theme with all of these tips comes back to having good communication with everyone participating in the introduction, from your DJ and photographers to your wedding party.

Discussing these three points in advance will definitely set you up for a fun and memorable wedding party introduction.

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