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The Wedding “Do Not Play” List

Does the idea of your DJ playing the hokey pokey at your wedding make you cringe? Please let me introduce you to my good friend, the “Do Not Play” list.

Hey friends it’s Franco here with Show Me Sound bringing you another episode of Wedding Tip Wednesdays. 

I just wrapped up my first wedding since February over the weekend, and it feels great to be back. 

Congratulations Collin and Candice, thanks again for letting me be a part of your special day.

Today we are covering one of the most valuable wedding planning assets you have in your arsenal, the “do not play” list.

What is the Do Not Play list?

Your “do not play” list is essentially the opposite of your song request list. This is a list of songs, artists, and genres you want to avoid hearing at all costs during your wedding.

When you hire a DJ for your wedding, most of the time they will ask you what songs you’d like played, but less frequently will they ask you what songs they shouldn’t play, which is why you should take the initiative to bring this up.

One of the benefits of hiring a DJ is the versatility in the music that gets played throughout the night. There are nearly unlimited options, don’t waste a single minute of your wedding’s soundtrack on something you don’t like.

Why is the “Do Not Play” list important?

Musical taste is a funny thing. Just because you hear nails on a chalkboard every time you hear someone sing, doesn’t mean your DJ isn’t fond of that particular artist.

Without this extra bit of information, music selection is left to your DJ’s assumption of what they think fits your musical preferences, and what will keep the dance floor moving.

This list doesn’t have to be all encompassing, but just like your song request list, the more details you provide on your “do not play” list, the better chance you have of hearing your ideal wedding soundtrack.

What could happen without the “Do Not Play” list?

Let’s pretend you’ve opted to allow your guests to make song requests. Your DJ is your musical gatekeeper, but there is definitely a grey area when it comes to the songs that aren’t on your request list.

Most of the time your request list will not be all-encompassing, so if one of your guests asks your DJ to play a song they think fits the vibe, they will play it. This could include something you really don’t want to hear. 

If you equip your DJ with a “do not play” list, it makes it way easier for them to turn down requests that you don’t want to hear.

As DJs, we are always watching reactions from the dance floor to help dictate where we go next musically. How awkward it would be if your DJ is playing a genre you don’t like, but the rest of your wedding is having a great time. 

Most DJs will see this kind of crowd reaction as encouragement to continue playing similar music. Yes, your guests might be having fun, but don’t let it be at the expense of you listening to music you’d rather not hear.

I’ve learned to keep my musical preferences out of the planning, and instead tell couples what I’m most comfortable playing.

As a DJ, it’s our job to entertain you and your guests. If   the “chicken dance” if your jam, and it’s going to bring you happiness to hear it at your wedding, I will play that chicken dance.

If I could sum everything up into one giant takeaway, it’s this. The more information you give your DJ, whether that be songs you want or DON’T want to hear, the happier you will be with the final result.

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