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The Problem With Line Dances At Weddings

When people think of attending weddings, the cupid shuffle or the cha cha slide might come to mind. Before you ask your DJ to play these types of songs at your wedding, there’s something you should know…

Hey friends it’s Franco here with Show Me Sound bringing you another episode of Wedding Tip Wednesdays. 

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Most people associate line dances like the electric slide, the wobble, the cupid shuffle, (YOU NAME IT), with weddings, probably because there’s a good chance you’ll hear them at a wedding.

Personally, I don’t play any of these songs unless they’ve been directly requested by the bride and groom.

Here’s the problem with line dances…

Uncomfortable Guests

Dancing in front of people is uncomfortable for a lot of people. 

This is why getting those first few feet on the dance floor can often times be the hardest part.

The appeal of the line dances is they take the guesswork out of how your guests should be dancing, but what about the guests that aren’t familiar with that particular dance?

There’s plenty of recognizable music that can build a sense of familiarity with the music, and in turn, comfortability with the dance floor, that doesn’t have scripted rules in how your guests should be moving their body.

Not A Band-Aid

If you think a line dance by itself can save a dance floor, or get guests with cold feet moving, you’re going to be disappointed.

In my experience if a guest is only getting up because a particular line dance is being played, they are typically the first to sit back down once it’s over.

As tempting as it may be to play a variety of line dances for an hour straight, there’s a better way to create an enjoyable dance floor that will keep your guests dancing, however they choose, throughout the night.

Trust The DJ

Building and maintaining a dance-floor is directly correlated with the comfort level of your guests. 

Every song the DJ plays, especially earlier on in the night, is being judged by your guest.

If your DJ plays a song they are familiar with, they are going to be way more comfortable being on the dance-floor.

Each consecutive song adds or subtracts from the level of trust they have in your DJ.

An eclectic mix of familiar music earlier on in the evening is going to help carry the momentum of your dance floor into the wee hour of the night, and you can have an amazing dance floor without playing a single line dance.

I’m not here to rain on anyone’s parade, if the cha cha slide is your jam and you want to hear it at your wedding, then go for it. 

I just want to make sure you’re aware that these songs alone can’t rescue your dance floor, so if you don’t actually enjoy listening and dancing to them, go ahead and give them a pass.

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