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Should I Allow Song Requests At My Wedding?

Does the thought of allowing your guests to make song requests at your wedding terrify you, or are you excited to share the musical curation with all of your weddings attendees? 

Let’s cover the pro’s and cons of allowing your guests to make song requests at your wedding. 


It will get your guests dancing, most of the time. If your guests are taking the time to make a song request, it’s very likely that they will feel obligated to be on your dance floor when that song is played.

Everyone loves to be heard. Encouraging your guests involvement with the musical selection for the evening can make your guests feel like they took a special role in the entertainment for the evening.

I can recall a number of times where I played a song request and as soon as it plays, that guest is super pumped to tell everyone on the dance-floor that it’s their request, and it makes that moment really special for them.

After everything is said and done, your family and friends will often provide feedback to you on your DJ.  More times than not, that feedback is based on them hearing songs they enjoyed throughout the night, and way less predicated on their opinion of your DJs mixing skills. 

Generally speaking, if your guests hear the songs they ask for, they will have a good time.


When someone wants a song, they typically want it to be the next song. As a DJ, it’s our job to create a seamless musical experience on your dance floor, where everything is played at the right time.

When there’s too many cooks in the kitchen, this rhythm can be thrown off, especially if your guests do not share similar tastes.

It can distract your DJ from paying attention to how your guests are reacting to what’s currently playing, which can impact the decision of what needs to be played next. It can also slow down transitions to the next song, which could result in songs being played a bit longer than intended.

The Dj is the gatekeeper, and might have to say no if it doesn’t fit the format you’ve laid out for your DJ.

My Recommendations:

Encouraging song requests from your guests can make them feel special and important during your reception.

That being said, your guests were not a part of the planning leading up to your reception, so they didn’t hear your musical preferences the same way I did on our calls leading up to the big day.

My goal is to create a musical experience that exceeds your expectations, and there are times when your guests requests are not aligned with your preferences.

Encouraging requests on your invitations that you can vet before you send them my way, is a great way to handle requests, because they are aligned with what you want.

A lot of the time they are asking for songs you’ve already requested, because they are requesting songs they know YOU will enjoy. This is the best because I was intending on playing these songs already, and now your guest feels special for bringing it up.

When it comes to song requests, everything has to be handled professionally, respectfully, and tactfully. This is where having a professional DJ can make all the difference.

Make sure when you hire your DJ, your musical preferences are heard. Remember everyone is there to see you. If your family and friends see that YOU are having a great time, they’ll also enjoy the evening.

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