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Identify Your Wedding Day Point Person

Hiring a wedding planner can be incredibly helpful, that being said, I’ve worked with plenty of couples that have opted out of this service for their wedding. If you’re considering doing that as well, make sure you’ve identified your wedding day point person

Hey friends it’s Franco here with Show Me Sound bringing you another episode of Wedding Tip Wednesdays. This coming weekend is actually my first wedding gig since quarantine started, and I’m super excited to get back at it.

I might experiment with a new video format in the coming weeks with some footage from that, so stay tuned.

Today we’re talking about identifying your wedding day point person, and why that’s a very good idea.

If you’ve hired a wedding planner, and they have a few weddings under their belt, then they will most likely cover a lot of this with you.

If not, then you need to elect someone that is not in your ceremony or wedding party that you trust to be a point of contact for all of your vendors.

Experience The Moment

This is your wedding we are talking about. Your primary goal needs to be living in moment and enjoying the experience. 

You are the show, and the person everyone is there to see. You will be busier than you expect, and will have more than you anticipate on your plate.

Offloading questions from your vendors to someone you trust will help you stay present during one of the most important days of your life.

Pick Someone Accessible

You definitely want to make sure your point person is easily accessible.

This person will most likely be the one that gives your DJ the proper cues when your wedding party is ready to walk down the aisle, or when they are ready to be introduced into your reception.

Is the kitchen running behind on dinner? This person should be the one that communicates that to your vendors, along with any other possible timeline changes.

Sharing their cell phone number with your vendors can also help if there are any last minute questions about parking, entering the venue, etc.

Share Your Wedding Timeline

Your day-of point person needs to have an idea of when everything takes place so they can answer any timeline related questions your vendors might have, and help keep the overall flow of the evening organized and under control.

The more people involved in your wedding, the more complex it can become as you try to keep everything in order.

Having an extra person there to help keep things organized will be a huge relief when you’re in the moment.

All that to say, it’s very likely that your elected wedding-day point person will make it through the entire evening without answering a single question. 

It’s typically not a difficult role, but when it’s needed, it’s an important one. Having your day-of point of contact will allow you to experience the special moments without interruption.

Make the most of your big day, and thank your point person when it’s all over.

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