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How Do I Get My Wedding Guests to Dance?

How Do I Get My Wedding Guests to Dance?

If having a packed dance floor is important to you and your guests, follow these tips and tricks that our expert DJs have put together for you!

Guest Invites

Include a section on your wedding invites that ask your guests what will get them on the dancefloor.

Not only does this help them feel involved in the planning process, but you get to veto any of the terrible requests that come back to you before sending the rest over to your DJ.

When they hear their song, they will be more inclined to jump on that dance floor.

The Wedding Party

Turn your wedding party into your own dance team!

The hardest part of building up any party is getting those first few feet out on the dance floor – but once people are out celebrating there’s a fun domino effect where other guests will feel more comfortable joining in.

If you ask your wedding party to get on the dance floor as it opens, it definitely helps expedite this process!

No one wants to be the first one on the dance floor, but if you leverage this group of friends to get things rolling, you’ll start things off with momentum.

Venue Lighting

Pay attention to the venue lighting – some people may feel uncomfortable moving their body around in the center of a well-lit room.

It’s always a smart move to coordinate with your venue to dim the lights when it’s time to dance, and if you hire a DJ with dance floor lighting or uplighting that will also increase the overall dance floor experience.

Have your wedding DJ announce the change in the environment with the dimming of the lights, and make dancing much more enjoyable for everyone.

The Classics

Make sure to take care of everyone in the room if you care about your invite list dancing – this may mean incorporating some of the classics to build your guest’s trust in the DJ before they start dipping into their library of more modern music.

Even if it’s not your cup of tea, taking care of your parents and grandparents early on can create some truly remarkable and memorable moments on your dance floor that wouldn’t happen anywhere else.

(These last few tips are critical, so make sure you’re taking notes…)

DJ Booth Location

Your friends and family are there to celebrate you and your wedding day!

They are there to see you and will be wherever you are.

This means if you and your fiance are hanging out at the bar, your guests will congregate there. 

If a successful dancefloor is something that’s important to you at your wedding, then make sure you spend some time on it!

Your guests will absolutely follow your lead. 

Even if dancing isn’t your thing, simply being present on the dance floor will make it a success.

DJ Booth Location

Finally, if you care about creating an amazing dance floor experience, hire a talented DJ that knows how to not only mix music, but also has the ability to read the room. 

If you have a DJ that has a pre-formated cookie-cutter playlist, and plans on letting each track run from the beginning to the end of the song, the energy is going to deflate in the room quicker than a helium balloon.

This is why it’s so important to talk to your DJ ahead of time to make sure they know how to throw a great party, and that they’re comfortable mixing the music that you and your guests are most interested in hearing, while also having the ability to adapt to the dancefloor as the night evolves.

Ready to have a successful dance floor?

There are many factors that will impact the success of your dance floor.

These are just a few tips you can use to make sure that yours is off to a great start!

We hope you enjoyed our tips and tricks for getting your wedding guests on the dance floor, feel free to reach out with any questions as you prep for your special day!

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